This is Lead With Heart

Mission Statement

To provide support and guidance to young people so they can feel empowered to live a purposeful and fulfilling life.

Vision Statement

For all young people to have strength and courage to live a life that is meaningful to them and create a positive impact in their community.

Rebecca Rose is a qualified life coach and youth mentor and a former social worker, youth worker and Aboriginal health worker. Rebecca has been working with teens and young adults since she was a teen herself and has supported many teens in her previous roles and since launching her holistic training school, Lead With Heart in Perth, Western Australia in early 2018.


Rebecca has always had a desire to support teens and young adults to make informed choices, build on their confidence to be themselves, dream big and become leaders in their own special way. With an extensive background in working with teens, Rebecca has aspired to create events and courses that address complex issues that teens face with practical workshops to create a solid foundation for young people. With practical yet supportive classes in money, job interview skills, natural skincare, positive body image, yoga, mindfulness, self-love and self-care, social media and more.


With a passion for holistic health and wellness combined with a background in psychology, life coaching and youth mentoring, Rebecca is leading the way in providing support to teens in a fun, gentle and supportive way.


Rebecca lives with her husband, Joseph and their multitude of fur babies. As well as facilitating workshops and mentoring for teens, Rebecca is passionate about travelling, reading, enjoying life’s simple but beautiful moments like going for walks in nature, a good cup of tea and book or a cuddle with one of her fur babies.

Core Values



We believe in community and connection to our own spirit and others. We believe in building warm and trusting relationships with others.


We believe in staying curious, having fun and taking time to play and participate in activities that we enjoy.


We show kindness to ourselves and others and welcome others to our tribe with open hearts.


We are committed to lifelong learning and take opportunities to expand ourselves.



We recognise that leadership comes in many shapes and forms and everyone has the potential to grow and lead from the heart.


We embrace moments that require us to have courage and use our bravery to create freedom and abundance in our life.


We believe in empowering and supporting one another to be the best versions of ourselves.


Encourage and support self-care and self-love so we inspire people to fill up their own cup so they are able to sustainably support themselves and others.


Spread kindness like confetti with random acts of kindness, celebrate achievements, positive thoughts and appreciation.


Create a sacred, safe space for us to feel confident to show up, speak our authentic truth, and be ourselves.


Inspire others to be confident in achieving their dreams and actively participating in their community.


Provide practical support, guidance, advice to thrive in our health, wellbeing and community.



“Rebecca clearly and naturally works in a respectful way. Rebecca has a natural ability to build instant rapport, she possesses a friendly disposition and children and young people feel safe and comfortable with her. Rebecca has risen to many challenges in a mature, level headed and sensitive way. She is always eager to support in her quiet, calm and unassuming way.”
Naomi, Guardian.


The logo symbolises community. Each branch represents people and where they live and the middle is the gathering place where everyone connects. The dots represent the people and their tracks. The heart in the middle represents love.


The artist is Dougie Powers. A Gija man from the East Kimberley through his Grandmother who was part of the stolen generation from Mable Downs, Violet Valley area. Dougie’s skin name is Jangala. Dougie is self taught and has been painting for about twenty years. He discovered his love of painting when he experimented with painting a design on a leaf. He now paints on canvas, boomerangs, shields and didgeridoos. Dougie’s preferred paint is ochre, a natural material found on the land. Dougie displays and sells his art at the Warmun Art centre and has won a couple of art prizes. You can see more of Dougie’s work on his facebook – Deadly Dingo Art

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